ID Image Protector

ID Image Protector 1.2

ID Image Protector is one of the most efficientprotecting programs...

ID Image Protector is one of the most efficientprotecting programs of your personal data, assuring a top quality encryption offiles, with perfect decoding to original content.

IDImage Protector encrypts variousphotos-files, folders and personal data into Images, withoutchanging the original content of the files, and with no visualalteration.

Protectsfiles, folders and other personal things you whish to keep private. It encodes them is such a way that no other third party is able to breakthe encoding method and jeopardize your files, this including spyware orhacker`s attack.

Reducesimage-size up to 70% of its original size, by the use of anintegrated compressing system. It also provides conversion of. jpegImages into.

gif ones, and vice-versa. IDImage Protector uses files, images, and strings, as keys for aprofessional secure encryption. It provides, at your request, a statusreport, showing you differences between the original and the encodedimage.

Encodesfiles professionally, providingadvanced encrypting services. IDImage Protector encodes files with a range starting from 8bitsand reaching up to 16.

384 bits and higher. Offersa step-by-step wizard service, guiding youthrough the menu and the basic facilities it provides. IDImage Protector also offers assistance services with livetutorial presentations, just in case you need them.

IDImage Protector has a simple, easy to use graphic interface,taking little space on your disk to run. It works fast and simple, andwith great efficient results.